Saturday, June 2, 1923




A good hot day. The
men watered the plant
beds and watered and planted
a little tobacco. Oh we need
rain so bad. Henry has
gone to Mr.Emersons tonight.
I went with the children
to the curant bushes
late this evening.
Edna got a letter
from Aunt Effie.
Sent four dresses
of Julias that she
had out grown.
I have wanted to go
to Gretna all the
evening. In fact all
the week but could
not get off.

Notes and Questions

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The Raleigh man mentioned on June 1 was most likely a traveling salesman for the W. T. Rawleigh Co. which is still in business selling various patent medicines and household products. A short history is posted at According to my wife, when we cleaned out my mother's kitchen in Halifax in 1985 she was some Rawleigh cooking extracts. You may have to search using Raleigh Traveling Salesman but there are a couple accounts posted by people whose fathers worked for the company.