Monday, August 13, 1923




A good day. No rain today.
The men folks worked on
the barns. Jim helped
Mr. Booker on his flues.
Kate Harvey and Irvin and Bill
come a little while. They
got some grapes.
Denia and Cordie Blair
come to see us.
Carrie and three of her
children come. We
let Edna go home
with them. I was glad
to see all of them.
Wish they could come
often. Kate brought
me some snaps.
Jim has some fine
mellons now.
Mabel has a bad
colde. Hope she may
get well soon.
I have finished stringing
snaps. 10 oclock at

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Snaps are string beans. To process them, you snapped off both ends and removed some tough strings that ran along the top of the pod. I think that the strings have now been removed by selective breeding.