Sunday, September 30, 1923




A good day. Ben staid at
Lees all day. Henry went
up there last night. Edna
and Franklin went up there
this evening. They went
with Reese and Paul Smith.
They brought Nellie from
Gretna home. Mr. [Sprat?]
and his wife and wife's sister
come to see Evylin
this evening. I went
to see Mollie this evening.
They had come from Piney
Grove. They had not eat
dinner. Posey and family
and Clack and family
was there. Mollie had
a good dinner. Snaps
and beef and chicken pies
and cake. One of the best
that I ever did taste.
Posie brought me home
on his Red Bird car. It
did ride fine.

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I did not find any Sprats in Pittsylvania Co. in 1920, 20, or 40, but there was a family in Pungo, VA. Another possible rendering would be Spnat but there is only one A.Com record and that is from New York

Ben W. Brumfield

I also read that as "Sprat", and don't have any other guesses unless the standard spelling might be "Spratt"? Julia sometimes truncates off double consonants in her spelling.