Friday, October 12, 1923




A clear day. I was at
home and cooked breakfast.
Then I dressed and
Christenia Reynols come for
me on their big car. She
carried the children as far
as her house. Then they went
to school. Then Mrs Owen
drove the car as far as
Gretna. Then Posie Reynols
drove for us. Carried us to
Danville. We eat dinner at
Howard Fergersons. Julia gave
us a good dinner. Than we
went to the fair grounds.
Saw lots of things. Staid
unitl after nine o clock.
We got a sand witch an
a cup of coffee on the grounds.
Then we come to Fergersons
and eat a snack and come
to Johnson Reynols. None of it
cost me any thing. Mollie
and Posie was good to me.
I want to be thankful.

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