Saturday, October 13, 1923




A good day. I am at
Reynols this morning. Christina
brough me home this morning.
Found them all well. I milked
after I come home. I churned
and got dinner. Jim stripped
tobacco. Henry rolled wheat
land a while. Ben shod
the horses.
Mr. Booker and two children
and Miss Louease[?] Booker
come this evening.
I was glad that they
come. Miss Booker played
on the piano a little.
Ben and the three children
went to Rob Hubbands
this evening and will
stay all night. They
carried the dog with
then. Ben wanted
to go hunting. Henry
went to Strait Stone.
I hope nothing bad will
happen to him.

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Rolling the wheat land may refer to using a disc or similar machine to break up clods. I cannot find a Louise Booker in either the 1920 or 1930 census.