Friday, October 19, 1923




A rainy morning. Began
to rain last night
a bout ten oclock and
rained most of the
night. Ben stopped at
Lee Brumfields and staid
all night. Went to Gretna
today and solde the
tobacco. It solde very
wel] I think. They got
home half past nine

Jim stripped some
tobacco then heard that
Mr Ned Walker was
sick. He went to see
him. Found him a
little better off but
right sick yet.
Ben got Henry a
suit of clothes.
Nellie got word to
come to [Rensenes?]
where Evylin is staying.

Notes and Questions

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The name in the next to the last line appears to Rensene. I cannot find a community with that name. The name appears twice in Ancestry.Com, once in 1910 in Ohio and also in 1909 in Washington, DC.