Tuesday, November 20, 1923




A good day. Jim and Ben
stripped tobacco. Finished
a cureing and loaded the
car ready to start to
Gretna in the morning.
Thomas Callans was
buried today. The children
went to school. Edna
went to Mr. George
Emersons tonight. I think
the Emerson girls are fine.
Hattie Gilbert stoped
here a few minutes
today. She looks badly.
I hope she may get
well soon.
Mabel is bad off with
colde. I let her get out
two much yesterday.
I think Mr. Mayhew and
the girls has come to
play carrums[?]. I guess
Ben and Henry are glad.

Notes and Questions

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I took a guess that the kids were playing with a carrom board. We had one when I was a kid and it was the type of game that they could have owned.