Monday, December 3, 1923




A good day. Ben and Jim
got up this morning at
4 o'clock loaded the
car. Henry and Ben
loaded Ben's car and
Mr. Booker and Jim
loaded Mr. Bookers. They
eat breakfast and
started to Gretna. They
went and unloaded
and was back by nine
o'clock. Loaded and went
back by twelve o'clock.
Ben got home by ten[?].
They are stripping on
Jims last cureing.
I talked with Effie B.
this evening. She has
bin to Black Burg. She
said that Willie B[a?]rns
was sick. I am so sorry.
Hope se may get
well soon. Mabel and [I]
went to Mr. Bookers.

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RE: Willie Ba?rns. The 1920 census lists a William Barns aged 81 living near Rustburg. I could not find any Birns in Virginia. I did know a Barns in Halifax in the 1950s.