Thursday, December 27, 1923




A rainy day. Jim went
from here this morning. He
was going to see his people
at Lynchburg. I have felt all
day like something serious
was the matter. I can't tell
why. Jim went with the
Edmons boys to Gretna. Ben's
car is so out of fix that it won't
go like he would like.
Floid Reynols was here a few
minute to day. He said that
Julia Fergeson's baby was
very sick. Reubin and his
mother was going to Danville
this evening to see the baby.
I hope it is better by now.
I got a nice box of candy
from Clifton and Jane today.
I have got more nice presents
and cards this Xmas than
I ever did be fore at Xmas.
Ben is at work on a picture
frame to night.

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On the next day, she refers to Caroline Fergerson, not Fergeson. The 'r' is very clear.