Sunday, December 30, 1923




Cloudy all day. No
rain yet. All the children
and I went to Mag
Brumfield's and spent
the day. Mag had a nice
dinner. Had the first
turkey that I seen this
Xmas. Ben staid at
home all day. Mrs. Kellie
was at Mag's. 11:30 o'clock
Sunday night. Lee and Grace and Elsie
East and two children and
Hugh Brumfield come and have
just gone. I was glad that
they come. I enjoyed their
company ever so much.
Hildah staid with
Edna tonight. Henry and
Christenia Reynols and Doris
Brumfield and Jamie and
Delma Owen went to
Ren Worsham's. None of
them were at home.

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