Tuesday, January  2, 1923

Tuesday, January 2, 1923

A good day Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day execpt a little while this morning Ben started to Gretna before light for medicine for Josie he got Home by 9 oclock.

The children went to School Edna is complaining tonight I had a postal from Carrie saying that all of them had bin sick but Marvin. I hope they are better by now

Josie has been bad off all day. Mrs. Kellie & Mrs. Blair come to see Josie They brought her several nice things.

Mollie Reynols come a little while. She gave me a nice pin that she & Julia sought for me & am I proud of it. Hattie washed here today I am glad of that. I have bin busy all day.

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Wednesday, January  3, 1923

Wednesday, January 3, 1923

A cloudy day again this evening The boys stripped tobacco. The children went to school; come home nearly wet. Josie has not suffered so much today as she did yesterday.

Jim and Ben had bad colds I hope they wont get sick. We heard today that Sam Owen family has flue. There is a lot of sickness a bout. I have bin busy most all day. Done all the cooking that has been done. Milked & churned dried clothes by the fire There have not been any one to see Josie. Today I got a letter from Elsie Brumfield this evening I want to hear from Carrie's folks so bad.

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Thursday, January  4, 1923

Thursday, January 4, 1923

A colde day partly cloud. Jim and Ben stripped tobacco There has not an automobile passed here today. Mrs. Booker come a few minutes this evening. The children went to school Josie has bin easy most of the time Today Mabel put on shoes and stockings Etta Gilbert come this morning She washed the dishes and swept the floors That was a lot of help to me milked and churned cooked dinner washed dishes and then ?oded a while Then ironed some I am so anxious to hear from Marvin's folks and want to hear from Nellie I am a fraid some of them are sick There is so much sickness about now

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Friday, January  5, 1923

Friday, January 5, 1923

A beautiful day The boys strpped tomacco Mr Booker helped them This evening Josie has been bad off all day. Mrs Booker cooked and brought her dinner She eat what she could and was glad of it. Kate Harvey come to see me today I was very glad that she come. Etta Gilbert helped me was dishes this morning Kate washed them at dinner and Henry helped me tonight I had the longest nest this evening that I have had this year Kate churned I worked the butter and ???nted it The children went to school Harvey got in wood and Edna brought water. Franklin wont work if he can help it

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Saturday, January  6, 1923

Saturday, January 6, 1923

A colde day partly cloud Ben & Jim and Henry went to Gretna this morning Ben went for medicine They went to Marvins to see the sick Carrie & the girl was all complaining They carried some butter but could not sell it Brought it meanly back Hattie Gilbert washed some today. Mrs John Hutchenson come to see Josie today. Mollie Reynold(?) come to see her today Brought some grape juice(?). Josie has felt bad all today

Henry shucked a little corn this evening I have bin busy all day except when we had company. Got a calander & almanack (?) from the bank

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