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The battle with Porus' army.

heathen man full of Pomp & pride and vain glory, & not as with a god. For all the world may not withstand the wrath of a god. Therefore, [sen the elementis of this aere,] that is to say [Thunners, leuenyngez] and water, may not bear the indignation of gods, how should then mortal men [mowe] withstand their wrathe? And therefore I let the [wele witte] that thy found proud speech troubles me not nor moves me never a [dele].

When Porus had this letter, he was wonder wrath & assembled a great Army of men, and a great multitude of Elephants with the which the men of India are wont for to fight, and went against Alexander. This Army of Porus was right great & strange, for their war there in xiiij, carts of war and viijc Elephants, and each Elephant had a [toure] of three upon his back, & in each a [toure] xxx men. There were also other fighting men on horse and on foot without number. And when the Macedonians and the persians saw the great multitude both of men & of Elephants, they were feared, & greatly [stonayde]. Nevertheless, both the parties ordained them to battle and arrayed their battles. Alexander on his side and Porus on his side. And Alexander leapt upon his horse Bucephalus & [prikkede] before all his men, and commanded, that the Macedonians & the persians should first begin to fight. And so they did; & himself with the greeks, and the macedonians stood on the other side, ready to succor them when [myster ware]. And for the Elephants also, Alexander [gert] make such an ordinance. He [gerst] make xxiiij images of brass, and [gert] fill them full of dry wood. And he [gerte] make also carts of iron, for to bear their images before the Elephants and when the Armies came near together he [gert] set fire in the wood that was in the images. And when the Elephants saw their images, they [wende] that they had been men and shot out their groins, as they were [wount] for to do for till have worried them. And also through the great heat, they were burned and then they [gaffe] back, & fled for dread to burn their groynes. And therefore the men that were [abown] in the [toures] might not win to for to fight. And when Porus saw that he was right

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