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The palace of Porus.

sary. Then the Macedonians & the persians, with arrows and spears & other dyverse weapons of war, slew thickfold of the men of India. And thus they fought continually xxx[ti] days, & much people of both parties were dead. And at the last the Macedonians, & the persians, began fast for to fail. And when Alexander saw that, he was wonder wrathe, and entered into the battle, sitting on his Bucephalus, and fought manfully, & the greeks & the macedonians with him. And his horse also helped him greatly. And then [belyfe] the Indians began greatly for to fail. And when Porus saw that he turned the back & fled. And then the Indians that were left [alive?] fled also. And Alexander [luged] him there with his Army and made Sacrifice to his gods and commanded for to bury the dead bodies, both of Indians & of the persians & the Macedonians.

Soon after, upon a day, Alexander ensieged Porus' city & won it, and went into Porus Palace, wherein he found more riches than any man will [trowe]. For he found therein [xl] pillars of [Massive?] gold, each of a great thickness & a great length, with their [chapytralles]. And between the pillars of gold, were [hyngande venettez] of gold & silver, with leaves of gold. And the branches of this [venett] were some of crystal, some of Garnets, some of Emeralds, & some of Onyx, and they seemed as they had been very [vynes]. The walls also of the palace were covered all over with plates of gold, the which when the Macedonians cut in [soundre] & [brick?], they found that they were a great inch thick. And their walls were set full of diverse precious stones, that is to say, of [charebuncles, Emeralds, Garnets & Amethysts. And the gates of the Palace were of [Euour wonder whitt], & the bands of them, & the legs of Ebony. The chambers, also of his Palace, were all of Cypress, and the beds in them were set full of Garnets, Emeralds, & [charebuncles]. The hall, also of his Palace, was set full of images of gold, & betwixt them stood [perlatanes] of gold, in the branches of which there were many manners of fowls & each a fowl was colored, & painted after his kind asked, the beaks of them, & the claws were all of fine gold. And ay,

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