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Alexander and the Queen of the Amazons.

when Porus [liste], their fools through craft of music would sing after their kind asked & was. He found also in that Palace vessels without number, some of gold, some of Crystal, Some of other manners of precious stones, some of Silver, and that all manner of vellel that men should be served off. But there wer but few of them of Silver.

From therein, Alexander removed his Army & come to the gates of Caspee, and there he [luged] him. It was a noble land & good. But there were therein many manners of [nedders] and of wild beasts. From therein Alexander sent a letter to Talifride, queen of Amazon, of this tenor.

King of kings, and lord of lords, Alexander, the son of god Amon, & the queen Olympias, unto Talifride the queen of Amazon, joy. The great Battles that we have had with king Darius, & how we have conquered all his [rewme], and his lordships, we [trowe] be not unknown unknown to thou. And also how he have fought with Porus the king of India & his chief city [wonnen]. And also with many other folks, & they were never of power to withstand us, the which we suppose be not unknown to thou. Wherefore we send thou word, & commands thou, that thee send us tribute, if thee will that we come not to thou to do thou disease.

And unto this letter Talifride made answer by letter on this ways.

'Talifride queen of Amazon with other great ladies of our [rewme], unto Alexander, king of Macedonia, joy. We have well heard tell of the high wit that is in thee, through which thou has in mind things that are past, and disposes things that are present, and knows things that are to come. Advise thee well therefore are thou come to us, what tribulations & disease may fall thee in thy coming. For there was never none this that worried against us that not he had shame thereof at the end. And therefore take heed to thy last end. For great shame it is to a wise man through indescretion to fall in mischief. But if it be [agreeable] to thee, to know our conversation, and our habitation, we declare it unto thee be our

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