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The Amazons.

present letters, that our habitation is in an Isle, that is closed about with a great river that neither has beginning nor ending. But on a side we have a strait entry. And the number of women that duels therein is ccsiiii[?] that are not filled with men. For our husbands duels not amongst us nor no other man, But on the tother side of the river. And each a there we make a solemn feast in the worship of Jupiter xxx days And then we go to our husbands, and duels with them other xxx days & has our lust and our [disporte] together as kind asks. And if any of us concieve and bear a child if it be a male the mother keeps it seven year and then sends it to the father. And if she bear a maiden child the mother holds it with her & teaches it our manners. When we go to war against our enemies we are [come?] riding one horse well armed. And some of us has bows & arrows, and som spears, and other diverse weapons. And the remnant keeps our [Ile]. And when we come with the victory our husbands does us great worship. And therefore if thou come against us we let the [witt] that we will fight with thee at all our might. And if it happen that thou have the victory of us, worship shall it none be to thee because thou has discomfit[ted] women. And if we discomfit thee, it shall be an high worship to us, that we may discomfit so worshipful an emperor; and to thee it shall be a high reprove. Wherefore we signify unto thee by our letters that thou come not against us for [sekerly] there may great disease come thereof, that peraventure thou knows not now off at this time.'

When Alexander had read this letter, he began to laugh. And anon he [began to?] write another letter, and sent it to Talifride, whereof the tenor was this.

'Alexander king of kings and of lords, the son of god Amon & the queen Olympias, to Talifride queen of Amazon and the other ladies of the world, that is to say, Asia, Africa, & Europe we have conquered and made subjects unto us, & there was never none of them that might withstand our power. And if we now should not be of power, to fight with thou it were an high shame to us. Nevertheless for as much

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