1871-1900 Yaquina Head Lighthouse Letter books


Vol 348 Engineer Reports 13th Dist. 1873 and 1874 CF Exhibted YB Discontinued



United States Senate Chamber

Washington Dec 5th 1873

Gen'l Michler Engineer Corps U.S.A. Portland Oregon Dear Sir I understand there is some disposition on the part of the Light-House Board to abolish the Light at Yaquina Bay, Oregon. I sincerely trust this will not be done, and trust your influence will be exerted in retaining it for the reasons urged in the enclosed letter Gov. Ben Simpson who has been a resident of Oregon for over a quarter of a century, and is thoroughly posted on its coast. Will you please transmit this to the local officers. And much oblige Very respectfully, (signed) JH Mitchell USS

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1875 Gambel letters YB Vol. 389



Office of Light-House Inspector Thirteenth District Astoria, Oregon, 10th Sept., 1875

Profefsor Joseph Henry L.L.D. Chairman of the Light House Board


I am just in receipt of a letter from a certain Dr. Gamble of Albany Oregon in which he expresses a desire to occupy the Light House dwelling at the entrance to Yaquina Bay at a nominal rental with the understanding that he is to take care of the buildings and premises. Enclosed please find a copy of the letter from Dr. Gamble, the original of which I shall forward to General Michler, the engineer officer of this District for his information.

Very respectfully Your obedient servant

Louis Kernopff U.S.N. Inspector

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1871-1872 keeper selection and LH building Vol. 336



I judge the Lampist will consume about [?] months on the Northern tour after which I will send him South. In the mean time, I shall go South on a tour of inspection and supply, in the “Fern” -- General Michler having kindly offered me the use of that vessel for the purpose.

Respectfully Your [obed. serv.?] Charles J. McDougal, Commander USN Inspector

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Office of the Light House Engineer Thirteenth District

Portland, Oregon, Jan 15, 1873

Prof Joseph Henry: Chairman Light House Board Washington, D. C.

Sir: The following telegram has been this day sent you: Sixteen lantern deck-plates, and sixteen cases Lantern Apparatus received at Foulweather. Following at missing: eight lantern posts, sixteen floor lights, sixteen rafters, and sixteen tie-rods. Gene Michler telegraphs "not in San Francisco."

Very respectfully, Your obedient servant, Henry M. Robert Maj. of Eng'rs & L. H. Eng'r, Thirteenth District

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Box 43 CF missing boxes of lens and glass and skylights 1873



January 17 (187)3

Major H. M. Robert, Portland, Oregon.

With Woodruff's letter to Williamson of April first last, was sent a list of contents of sixteen boxes and sixteen pieces. All the parts you report as missing were included. Telegraph to Michler for the list. You must have made some mistake. If this will delay lighting beyond first of March inform The Board.


Charge to Light House Board

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