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Wednesday, January  2, 1918

Wednesday, January 2, 1918

A colde snowy day. Has snowed nearly all day. We all set around the fire most of the day. I milked and churned and fed the chickens. Josie got dinner. She cooked some beans. The Edmons tried to have a dance to night. It is so bad I dont expect that they could get a crowd. Ben & Josie has gone down there. They walked. I feel uneasy about them and will until they come back.

Franklin has waked up and I will be glad when they get back.

10 30 oclock

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Thursday, January 24, 1918

Thursday, January 24, 1918

A colde day partly cloudy. Ben has bin sick all day do hope that he will be better by morning. Henry is sick to night. I have done the cookin to day. Josie had to stay with Ben.

Denia and Sally Blair come this evening.

Marvin Smith come to see Ben to day.

Henry and Edna got in the wood to day. Josie fed the stock this morning. I fed to night.

9 oclock

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Friday, January 25, 1918

Friday, January 25, 1918

A clear day and some warmer. Ben has bin in the house all day but is some better off to day. Henry is sick tonight. I got breakfast and dinner. Josie got supper. Would not have got any but Mr Walter Carr come.

Josie ironed some. Josie fed the horses and hogs. I fed the cows. William Gilbert come this morning and split some wood for us. Marvin and John Smith went to Altavista to day. Mollie Reynolds come to Carries today. I got the yarn to knit for Bruce Sheppard sent it to day.

9 30 oclock

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Wednesday, January 30, 1918

Wednesday, January 30, 1918

Rain and hail nearly all day one of the worst days this winter. I got dinner and milked and fed the chickens. I was most a fraid to put my foot out of doors. Mr Bailiss come over a little while. Tonight Tom and Chesley Edmons come and staid until bed time. We had soup for dinner. We grown ups enjoyed it fine. Henry is still right sick.

10 oclock

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Sunday, February  3, 1918

Sunday, February 3, 1918

A warm day. Snow and ice melted very fast. Ben went to Renan and to see Charles. Kate Harvey come a little while. The weather is so bad that I have to stay in most of the time. Ben made the fire in the stove this morning. I got breakfast. Josie got dinner. She had a bowl of soup and chicken. Baked tea cakes. We all did enjoy it so much. I washed dishes after dinner. Josie fed the calves and chickens. We had tea cakes and cocoa for supper.

9 30 oclock

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