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Friday, January 25, 1918

Friday, January 25, 1918

A clear day and some warmer. Ben has bin in the house all day but is some better off to day. Henry is sick tonight. I got breakfast and dinner. Josie got supper. Would not have got any but Mr Walter Carr come.

Josie ironed some. Josie fed the horses and hogs. I fed the cows. William Gilbert come this morning and split some wood for us. Marvin and John Smith went to Altavista to day. Mollie Reynolds come to Carries today. I got the yarn to knit for Bruce Sheppard sent it to day.

9 30 oclock

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Wednesday, February  6, 1918

Wednesday, February 6, 1918

Clear most of the day and warmer south wind blowin. Ben shod the horses this morning split wood some this evening. Josie got dinner. I killed a chicken this morning.

This evenin Josie fixed a box to be solde at Strait Stone School House. To night Ben and Josie went down there. I hope they may get on OK it is a dark and dreary lookin time to me.

I am here with the children. They are all a sleep now.

8 40 oclock

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Thursday, February 14, 1918

Thursday, February 14, 1918

A good day very warm for the time of year.

Ben helped Richard Wooding shuck corn. Josie made sandwichs and her and Edna went to the School House and carried them. They went by Carries and got the candy that Josie and Carrie made yesterday and sand witchs that Carrie made yesterday. Josie drove Prince was gone two hours. Did not take the harness off the horse at night. Ben and I and Henry went to the School House. I think they solde a bout all that they had to sell. There was a small crowd there. The roads are very bad yet.

I could not find my glasses so this is wrote 9 15 Friday morning.

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Sunday, March  3, 1918

Sunday, March 3, 1918

A beautiful day.

Ben carried me part of the way to Lee Brumfields. I had a good day. They had no company.

Miss Lillian Peak come be fore I come home. I started walkin met with Oscar Brumfield. Grace got his horse and buggy and brought me nearly home.

Ben and Edna come home Josie and Franklin staid at Mrs Carrs.

Henry was with me. Him and Hugh Brumfield played all the time we were at Lees.

8 30 oclock

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Tuesday, March  5, 1918

Tuesday, March 5, 1918

A beautiful day.

Ben and Marvin finished shuckin and cribbing corn this evenin. Ben went to Jim Powers to try to sell Frank Mays horse. Mays shucked corn in his place. Ben brough Josie and the baby home from Mrs Carrs. I heard that Ethel Worsham has a girl born this morning.

To night Frank and George Blair and Irvin Craddock and Jim Craddock come here and staid until bed time. Irvin staid all night.

I went to Carries a while this evenin.

Henry went to school.

Edna went to Carries.

10:40 oclock

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