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Saturday, January 26, 1918

Saturday, January 26, 1918

A cloudy day raining to night.

Ben is feeling some better he was at George Blairs to day said that Denia Blair was cookin a turkey for dinner to morrow. Mr Carr is here yet. Jim Brumfield come to see us this evening. The Walker land was solde today. Josie ironed some today. I washed a little this morning and got dinner. Jim and Mr Carr and Ben and Josie are playing cards to night.

I got a letter from Ludy Pugh to day.

10 30 oclock

Heard today that Mr Allen fell in the pit at the barn and hurt him self very bad.

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Sunday, January 27, 1918

Sunday, January 27, 1918

A bad day rained some and turned colde. Ben and Jim went to see Charles this evenin. He is mighty feeble yet. They come by Kates and Marvins.

Mr Carr is here yet.

Josie and I got dinner did not get any supper. Heard to day that all of the Dews has small pox. I am sorry for them.

Henry is right sick to night. I do hope that he may be better by morning.

9 30 oclock

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Monday, January 28, 1918

Monday, January 28, 1918

Rain and hail this morning. The ground is so slick I am a fraid to go out doors.

I milked and that is all that I have done out of doors. Josie got dinner and supper. Ben has bin in doors most of the day.

Henry is sick yet I hope he is some better that he was last night.

Jim Brumfield and Walter Carr went from here this morning I certainly did hate for them to go in such weather.

I have bin knitting on a helmet for Bruce Reynolds. Hope I can finish it tomorrow.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, March  6, 1918

Wednesday, March 6, 1918

A warm clear day. A thunder cloud to night and a little rain. Ben and Chesley Edmons and Kate Harvey and I went to Chatham this evening. Irvin Craddock bought a cow here this morning. We passed them twice to day on their way home.

Josie staid at home today. She made her a dress.

We saw Jim and Evylin and Nellie Brumfield to day.

8:50 oclock

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Tuesday, March 19, 1918

Tuesday, March 19, 1918

A good day. I was at Charles.

Jim and Nellie and a Mr Spruce come down here last night got here after dark. Josie fixed supper for them.

I was not at home. Jim and Ben come to see Charles this evening. I come with Ben home. He has gone to Mrs Carrs. Josie went with him left the children.

9 oclock

I set three hens this evening.

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