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Tuesday, January 29, 1918

Tuesday, January 29, 1918

A bad day. Snow melting walkin very bad.

Ben went to see Dr Owen this morning. Got medicine for Henry he is mighty sick yet.

I got dinner to day. I finished a helmet for Bruce Reynolds to day.

I got two letters to day one from Julia Fergerson and one from Lottie Craddock.

Ben went this evening to Ren Worshams and paid for the guano to use this year. Ben is sleeping in my room to night. Edna is with him. Henry is with his mother.

8 30 oclock

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Tuesday, January  2, 1923

Tuesday, January 2, 1923

A good day Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day execpt a little while this morning Ben started to Gretna before light for medicine for Josie he got Home by 9 oclock.

The children went to School Edna is complaining tonight I had a postal from Carrie saying that all of them had bin sick but Marvin. I hope they are better by now

Josie has been bad off all day. Mrs. Kellie & Mrs. Blair come to see Josie They brought her several nice things.

Mollie Reynols come a little while. She gave me a nice pin that she & Julia sought for me & am I proud of it. Hattie washed here today I am glad of that. I have bin busy all day.

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Saturday, January 13, 1923

Saturday, January 13, 1923

A good day. The men folks shucked a little corn. Josie has suffered awful today. Ben went to see the dr. this evening and got medicine for her. Mollie Reynolds staid here last night and all day today. Lillian Kent spent the night. Denia Blair came this evening. I have taken things easy to day. Henry went to the store this evening. This morning I saw a hawk catch a hen. I called Ben. He got the gun and shot and killed the hawk. The hen was not much hurt. I let John Ward have a hen this evening. I am so anxious a bout ??? boy. Hope he may get well.

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