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Sunday, February  3, 1918

Sunday, February 3, 1918

A warm day. Snow and ice melted very fast. Ben went to Renan and to see Charles. Kate Harvey come a little while. The weather is so bad that I have to stay in most of the time. Ben made the fire in the stove this morning. I got breakfast. Josie got dinner. She had a bowl of soup and chicken. Baked tea cakes. We all did enjoy it so much. I washed dishes after dinner. Josie fed the calves and chickens. We had tea cakes and cocoa for supper.

9 30 oclock

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Wednesday, March 26, 1919

Wednesday, March 26, 1919

A good day Ben & Jim grubed all day. Mr Owen plowed. Josie & I got dinner. Josie baked a cake and tea cakes. Marvin carried me to White Falls. Carrie and the children went as far as Kates. I am so glad to get to go. When I got home Nettie & Hellen & Virginia were here. I was glad that they came. I had a letter from Julia Furgerson this evening. I am always glad to hear from her.

9 o'clock

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Wednesday, July  9, 1919

Wednesday, July 9, 1919

A good day. Ben & Owens hauled up wheat. Jim turned some land for a turnip patch this evening. Jim helped thrash wheat at Hutchersons.

Josie got dinner. This evening Josie & Franklin went to Marvins. Henry worked a little in the tobacco.

Edna and I went to George Blairs then Isla & Cordie and Nettie and I and Edna went to the creek at Kellies Bridge. We caught caught a few fish.

Denia baked some tea cakes while we were gone. I certainly did enjoy them.

10 oclock

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