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Monday, February 18, 1918

Monday, February 18, 1918

A clear colde day. Ben and Owen went to Long Island after fertilizer. They got home a bout dark. Carrie and the children was here to day. Lizzie Bennett went home this evening.

Josie got dinner. I washed dishes after dinner. Josie got supper and washed dishes.

I brought in twenty one eggs to night.

Henry went to school to day the first time since Xmas.

9 30 oclock

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Thursday, May 23, 1918

Thursday, May 23, 1918

A good day. Ben went to Stevin Davis s to day and got a sack of ferterlizer. Finished Pauls tobacco land. He plowed in the garden and planted corn in the bottom. Josie and I planted pea nuts. I planted some Irish potatoes. Josie got dinner. Alma Bennett made Edna a dress this evening.

Ben carried Alma to Johnson Reynolds to night. Paul and Henry and Josie all went. I washed dishes while they were gone.

10 15 oclock

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Saturday, April 12, 1919

Saturday, April 12, 1919

A good day. I went with Mr Dews to Cedar Forest. Mrs Lewis went also. Jim Brumfield carried me as far as Dews home. We then went on a waggon. Mr Mayhew & Robert went on Mayhews truck. I never saw as many people fishing on one day.

Nellie & Evylin come to day.

Mr. Owen went after guano. There was lots of people hauling fertilizer.

Wren come over to the river where I was and talked with me a while. I certainly did appreciate his comeing.

10 oclock

I left everything for Josie to do to day. Milkin and churning & cookin. I would like to do what I think is right a bout the work but cant do enough to suit them not if I stay at home and work all the time.

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Thursday, May  8, 1919

Thursday, May 8, 1919

A good day. Finish planted corn and commence putting in ferterlizer for tobacco.

Kate Harvey come here a little while.

My Jersey cow died to day. I am very sorry but am glad it is no worse.

Have not seen any of Marvins people to day. All ways mis them if I dont see any of them.

Franklin and Edna is both complaining this evening. I hope they will get well soon.

Josie has had the tooth ache.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, January 24, 1923

Wednesday, January 24, 1923

Snowed last night and this morning. The land is covered with snow tonight but it is warmer now than yesterday. The men could not do much of anything to day. Ben went to Renan. Jim went to Mr. Bookers. There is some one sick at nearly every house. Earl Bennett was here today about fertilizer. Nellie got a letter from Evyline. She is sick and Nellie is so distressed she did not eat any supper. I am sorry for her but can't do any thing that would do any good. Henry and Edna went to school. Franklin and Mabel has had a good time today. I finished Carries quilt ready to quilt to night. I set a hen today.

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