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Tuesday, February 19, 1918

Tuesday, February 19, 1918

A cloudy day, Some rain. Ben went with Henry to Blairs this morning. Henry went to school. I have lost the smoke house key. Ben brought a key from Blairs but it would not unlock the door. Don't know what we will do about it yet. Ben and Owen went to the mill this evening with corn. Got their meal.

Josie sewed on her quilt. I got a snack for dinner churned and jobed a round most of the day. Ben went with Willie Mayhew to John Hutchersons to night. Josie and the children are all abed and I am going soon.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, February 20, 1918

Wednesday, February 20, 1918

Rain this morning. Clear by twelve. Ben opened the smoke house door this morning and hung up the meat. We have not found the key yet. Hope we may find it yet.

Josie washed some to day. I got dinner and kept the children. Kate Harvey come a while. I was glad to see her. Ben and Owen went to a cutting match this evening. They cut for Tom Peak at Mr Woodings.

9 10 oclock

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