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Friday, March  1, 1918

Friday, March 1, 1918

A nice morning. Wind and a little rain in the evening.

Ben and Owen went to Charles Brumfields to help shuck corn. They finished getting up his corn and finished covering his corn house.

Josie ironed the most of the day. Carrie and Roy and Hazel come and eat dinner with us. Josie helped to carry Hazel home. Gladis Brumfield come with Henry from school. Ben and Josie and Franklin went to Mrs Carrs to night. Ben will come home if nothin happens to him.

The children are all a sleep now.

8 40 oclock

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Friday, January  9, 1920

Friday, January 9, 1920

A cloudy day no rain. To night the wind is blowin. The men cut wood in the woods. Josie got dinner this evening. Bob Starkey got his car stuck in the mud at the mail box. Mrs Starkey come in a few minutes.

I went to Carries a little while to night. Louise Hutcherson is here. They are playing cards. We heard today that Mr Allen is very bad off. To night Ben spoke in a way that hurt me. I give them nearly all of my time & strength and they don't respect me.

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Sunday, January  1, 1922

Sunday, January 1, 1922

A colde windy day. The coldest night of the winter. Henry was sick this morning fainted and fell but is much better tonight. Carrie Smith and her children stayed here last night. Went home this evening. I do hope they got home ok. Hugh & Hildes [?] come a little while today. Ben & Norman Booker went to see Les Harvey [?] this evening. Mr. Booker & the children staid here whil they were gone. Jim has not come back yet. I wish I could see all the children. Henry is sleeping down stairs to night.

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Thursday, February 23, 1922

Thursday, February 23, 1922

A warm cloudy windy day. Jim Helped on the phone line. Ben shucked some corn & worked to get the wire from Owens garden. Josie washed some. Did not hang out her clothe. I ironed some. Churned and fixed up the butter. Henry & Edna went to school. A car passed here today. The first one in some time.

Ben & Josie milked this morning & tonight.

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Tuesday, April 11, 1922

Tuesday, April 11, 1922

A very windy day and some rain. Lee and Oscar come and got two loads of corn stalks this morning. Ben finished plowing in the orchard today. Jim made a hot bed to day and worked in the garden half the day. The children went to school. Mabel has a bad colde and is so cross that we cant hardly stand her. Josie has sewed some today. I fixed some on my chicken coops and sewed on my quilt a little. I have wrote Carrie a letter to night. Now it is time that we was in bed.

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