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Monday, June  2, 1919

Monday, June 2, 1919

A little shower this evening.

Ben went to Chatham this morning. Carried Henry with him. Nellie went home.

Ben brought Edna home. She was very much pleased with her trip to Chatham.

Josie gathered a bucket of cheries this morning.

This evening Mollie Reynolds came to the currant bushes. I met her. We gathered nearly two gallons of currants.

Jim plowed nearly all day on the patches.

10 clock

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Sunday, July  6, 1919

Sunday, July 6, 1919

A good morning. We all staid at home. Nellie & Evylin come this morning. Mr Tup Walker brought them. Kate Harvey & Carrie Smith and the little children come a little while. Jim & Ben went to the creek. Had to hurry back on account of a cloud. We have had the hardest rain I most ever saw. The branch is as high as I ever saw it. Washed the fence a way below the spring. Oh I am so sorry a bout the high water.

Evylin is playing the piano.

10 oclock

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Monday, July  7, 1919

Monday, July 7, 1919

A cloudy day. This morning the fences washed down and away. I lost a 4 galons of milk besides lots of other damage. Josie got dinner. Nellie sowed some on Josies dress. Evylin straitened up the parlor. I churned. It was a hard matter to get a fire a bout eleven oclock.

Mr Glass and Mr Vonwagner come. They eat dinner here. Nell & Evylin went with them to Chatham.

The boys killed the bees in two hives this evening.

Jim & Ben and Mr Owen went to Renan this evening. There has bin three or four cars passed here today. The roads are very bad.

Josie & the children and I went to Marvins this evening.

Paul Bennett got the car in the creek and never got home until twelve to day.

10: o clock

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Monday, July 14, 1919

Monday, July 14, 1919

A shower this morning. Clear this evening. The men commenced to plow but the rain stoped them.

This evening Ben carried me and Henry & Reese to Cedar Forest. We caught a few fish. Stoped at Strait Stone and got a few things.

Nellie come today. Her & Jim picked black berries all the evening.

Kate come this evening. Ben & Jim went with her home.

Virginia went to Brookneal this morning. She went to Ed Harveys to visit.

Alma Bennett come to Carries yesterday. She is doing some sewing. I want to go and see her soon.

10:30 oclock

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Tuesday, July 15, 1919

Tuesday, July 15, 1919

A good morning. Rain this evening and tonight. The branch has bin out of the banks and washed a way the foot bridge the third time in the last month.

Ben & Jim & Owen plowed in their tobacco this morning.

Nellie made preserves and caned berries all the morning.

Josie got dinner. I milked two cows and Josie one. She helped me milk.

Wren Worsham carried me & Henry and Isla Blair to Worshams pond to fish. I caught 4 small carp. I was glad to get them. We got back as far as George Blairs before it rained. George Jr brought us home. I am glad that they are so good to me. I eat dinner with Wren & Isla at a good spring on the hill.

Suiter? Blair and wife & son come to George Blairs this evening. I wanted to see Denia but she was at Ethels. I milked the cows after supper.

10:30 oclock

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