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Wednesday, January  2, 1918

Wednesday, January 2, 1918

A colde snowy day. Has snowed nearly all day. We all set around the fire most of the day. I milked and churned and fed the chickens. Josie got dinner. She cooked some beans. The Edmons tried to have a dance to night. It is so bad I dont expect that they could get a crowd. Ben & Josie has gone down there. They walked. I feel uneasy about them and will until they come back.

Franklin has waked up and I will be glad when they get back.

10 30 oclock

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Monday, March  4, 1918

Monday, March 4, 1918

A good day. Raining tonight.

Ben went and helped to cut Charles feed this evening. Owen plowed. I got out the beans that the Blair girls gathered last fall they are very nice.

Edna spent the evening at Aunt Carries. Henry went to school. Both the children have bad colds.

All gone to bed but me. I soon will be if nothing happens.

8 40 oclock

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Tuesday, April 23, 1918

Tuesday, April 23, 1918

A clear day. A cloud to night and some rain.

Ben and Owen split up the olde barn logs and moved the fence. Josie washed. I got dinner and picked beans.

George Blair come over here for some vinegar.

Beatrice Owen come for some eggs for Mrs Dews. I went to Carries a while this evening.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, April 24, 1918

Wednesday, April 24, 1918

A clear morning some rain tonight. Ben and Owen hauled in some feed. Owen plowed this evening.

Ben carried Josie and I to Cedar Forest. Josie went to see Mrs Powers. Ben & Henry and Edna and I went to the creek and fished.

Caught a few fish.

Ben got stalled and had to have help to get a way. Josie got dinner. I picked beans. Mr Farthings cows come here to day. Ben put them up. They got them this evening. Marvin worked on his fence to day.

9 oclock

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Thursday, April 25, 1918

Thursday, April 25, 1918

A cloudy day.

Ben and Owen and Marvin and William hauled rock to the barn. Josie ironed. I picked beans. Denia Blair & Kate Harvey come in the evening. I walked with them as far as Marvins.

This is wrote the 26 at eight oclock. I could not find my ink last night.

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