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Saturday, June  1, 1918

Saturday, June 1, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen & Paul Bennett plowed corn. Got done a while before night then went to Cedar Forest. Carried some beans & eggs. The men went bathing. Josie and the children went with them to the store. Josie milked and churned and got dinner. Ren Worsham carried Isla & Cordie Blair and I to Mr Jessie Worshams Mill Pond to fish. None of us caught any thing to keep. Cordie and Isla caught a fish a peice but did not get them out of the pond. Denia went to see Lottie Craddock to day. Frank and George went to Danville to night.

10 15 oclock

Ben and two of the children & Josie has gone to the School House to a play.

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Saturday, November  2, 1918

Saturday, November 2, 1918

A good day. Ben and Marvin has hauled logs and lumber all day today. Mr Owen and Paul shucked some corn this morning. This evening they put a load of tobacco on the waggons. William Gilbert helped them.

Josie sewed some. I got dinner except making the bread. Josie made that.

Late this evening I went to Carries. She was bathing the children and complaining of the toothache. We heard this evening that Mr Eujean Shelton died this morning.

To night Ben and Owen and Paul went to the barn to put on a load of tobacco. They intend going to Gretna Monday.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, June 20, 1923

Wednesday, June 20, 1923

A good day. The boys worked tobacco. Mr. Booker got up his whea[t]. Posie Reynols come just at dinner. He wanted to sell Ben a car. Ben is not able to buy. Posie carried his mother and Christina to [g?] and I to White Falls. I fished and Mollie fished some. Mrs. Owen and her children and Doris and Janie and Francis [sic] all to White Falls. They went in bathing. I think they had a good time. Edna and Franklin and Mabel [s?d] at Mollies with Julia and her [cl?ll]. Josie tried [sic]

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