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Sunday, September  7, 1919

Sunday, September 7, 1919

A good day. Ben & Edna & Josie and Franklin went with Mrs. Car home at Mr Powers. Henry went with Uncle Marvin to Sunday school at Strait Stone church. He come home and we eat our dinner. Then Henry went to Marvins. Reese & Paul Smith and Henry Brumfield went to Mag Brumfields.

I went to the sweet potatoe patch and dug a basket full of sweet potatoes & washed them this evening. I churned and gathered some snaps & strung them.

I went to Marvins a while this evening. Willie Mayhew was here this morning to look at Bens tobacco.

9 oclock

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Sunday, November 30, 1919

Sunday, November 30, 1919

A good day. Jim & Ben rambled a round all day. Josie got dinner. I killed a chicken & dressed it ready to cook.

I went to see Kate & Mag. I eat dinner with Kate. She was at home by her self. This evening Dr & Pearl Wiggin and Charles & Irvin Harvey come to Kates. We were at Mags. I was glad to see the children.

I walked all the way home and nearly all the way there. Claude Edmons carried me on their car from our barn to the fork of the road at Johnson Reynolds barn. I was mighty glad of that much help.

Virginia Harvey went back to school to day.

9:30 ocl

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Monday, December 29, 1919

Monday, December 29, 1919

A cloudy morning & a little snow. Clear this evening.

Thelma & Mary and I went to Mag Brumfields and spent the day. Ben carried us and come after us. Mag had as nice a dinner as I ever set down to. Rees & Paul Smith and Hugh Brumfield was there.

Josie staid at home with the children. The baby is so cross that there is no doing anything with her. I am sorry for her & Josie two. Josie looks worn and tiered.

Charles Harvey was home today. Kate & Virginia Harvey come to Mags a few minutes this evening.

Tonight Ben & Thelma & Mary has gone to Graves Moses. They are haveing a party there tonight.

8 oclock

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Wednesday January  5, 1921

Wednesday January 5, 1921

A good day. Warm for January. It is turning cold tonight and the wind is blowing.

Ben cut feed at Mags to day. Jim stripped tobacco all day. Mr Owen had the team and helped Mr Dews move. The children went to school. Jim and Ben has bin at the barn tonight.

I have bin busy most of the day. I got breakfast and milked the cows. Boiled a hogs face for dinner and churned. Fixed up the butter. Finished getting dinner.

Went to Marvins a little while this evening. Carrie had washed today. Julia Fergerson went back to Portsmoth to day. Kate Hubbards baby is very sick.

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Thursday January  6, 1921

Thursday January 6, 1921

A very good day. Jim stripped tobacco. Ben sawed wood for Mag Brumfield. Henry and Edna went to school. Josie got dinner. She baked a peach pie. I certainly did enjoy it. Hattie Gilbert and washed a big washing for us to do.

I am not well a bit. Hope I will soon feel better.

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