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Thursday July 28, 1921

Thursday July 28, 1921

A good day. No rain yet. We need it so bad.

Ben and Jim put a new floor in the dineing room. I am glad of it. We eat dinner under the mulberrie tree. Some men come here electtionneering. Jim Emerson come a while. I am glad he is well enough to go a round a gain.

Julia and Doris & Janie Brumfield come a while this morning. They went to Mags for dinner. Guess they went to Lees for to spend the evening. Josie ironed all evening and got supper.

The children went to Marvins this evening.

8 oclock

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Thursday August 18, 1921

Thursday August 18, 1921

A good day. The men worked in their tobacco all day. Josie made her a dress this morning, the silk that Mrs Car gave her. I churned and got dinner. This evening we all went to Marvins. They had company. I was glad to see them all. Kate Harvey, Mag & Doris Fran[?] & Charley Brumfield. Lottie Kellie & two children.

Mr Kellie brought them & come for them. He is good to take them around.

Rorer the commioner come while we were there. He took the list of Ben & I.

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Sunday September 11, 1921

Sunday September 11, 1921

A good day. We all staid at home until after twelve. Jim fired on his tobacco all day. This evening I went to Johnson Reynols. They had a house full of company. All their people. Posie & family, Clack & family and Jim Thomson & family and I. I think they enjoyed having them. They made ice cream and had cake. Rubin brought me home on Jim Thomsons car.

Ben & family went to see Mag & children. I was glad that they went. I want to go soon to see them all.

We had a good rain last night.

Charles & wife come to see Kate to day.

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Thursday, January  1, 1920

Thursday, January 1, 1920

A good day. Ben & Jim hunted some & put poles a round a plant bed.

Nellie went to see Mag & Kate. Edna went with her, Thelma and Mary & Evylin was here tonight. Ben and the girls went to Mrs. Gravelys to a dance. Josie got dinner. She had chicken and potato salid.

Tonight Denia & Isla Blair come and staid until bed time. We were glad to have them.

11 oclock

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Friday, February 10, 1922

Friday, February 10, 1922

A cloudy day. No rain or snow. We have done as near nothing as we could. Ben & Josie milked morning & night. Ben went to Mags and Kates this evening. Found them well. The children got letters from Reese & Paul today. We are always glad to hear from any of them. Josie and I sent several valintines cards to relatives I miss Jim so much. Hope he is at home OK. Ben put shoes on Mr Bookers horse this morning. Henry & Edna went to school. The roads are so mudy that you cant hardly travil. Josie got a fall this evening.

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