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Wednesday, March 20, 1918

Wednesday, March 20, 1918

A cloudy day and some rain. Ben and Owen plowed some. Josie washed I got dinner. At twelve oclock Josie and Ben went to Renan. Lee Brumfield come by here to day on his way from the saw mill.

Said that he thought that Charles was wors that he was yesterday.

I want to know so bad whoo is with him tonight.

Carrie and the children come down a little while this evening. Mr Owen planted potatoes to day and Marvin did two.

8 oclock

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Saturday, March 30, 1918

Saturday, March 30, 1918

A good day. Ben and Josie planted potatoes this morning and some peas this evening. I got dinner.

This evening Ben carried Josie and the children and I to Cedar Forest. Henry and I stoped at the creek and fished. Did not get but three fish.

Mrs Car left her home to day to live a mong her children. She gave Josie several things.

I bought her cow paid $50 for her.

Marvin is here to night. I think he is ordering some things for his car.

9 oclock

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Thursday, May  9, 1918

Thursday, May 9, 1918

A good day. Ben went to Renan to try and get a horse to plow a few days. Did not get it. Josie went to Carries this morning and bathed the baby. After dinner Ben and Josie went to Strait Stone.

Children and I went to Carries. I replanted potatoes. Planted some gourd seed yesterday. Owen went to the mill to day.

9 oclock

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Friday, May 10, 1918

Friday, May 10, 1918

A good day until near night there was a thunder cloud and rain.

Ben planted a little corn this evening.

Josie got dinner.

I went to Carries and dressed the baby.

This evening Mrs John Hutcherson come and all the children. The first time she come on a visit this year.

I went to Carries a gain this evening. Mollie Reynolds was there.

We are talking of going to Richmond soon.

9 15 oclock

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Wednesday, May 22, 1918

Wednesday, May 22, 1918

A good day. Ben finished his tobacco land to day now he is ready for rain.

Mrs Edmons come this morning and staid a few hours.

Alma Bennett come here last night. She made Paul two shirts to day. Josie and I both had a hand in the dinner.

We planted two rows of tomatoes this evening.

I got one doz aster plants today. Effie Brumfield sent them from Richmond.

9 oclock

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