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Thursday, April  4, 1918

Thursday, April 4, 1918

A cloudy day some rain this evening.

Ben went to the mill this morning. Mr Owens plowed. Josie ironed some and got dinner. Finished quilting her quilt this morning. I went to see Mag this evening. Edna went with me. Found them all well. Odie and Lottie and Miss Jessie Kellie was there. I come by Kates. Kate Reynolds was there.

The red hogs pigs came today.

10 oclock

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Tuesday, April 16, 1918

Tuesday, April 16, 1918

A cloudy day and a little rain. Ben and Marvin worked on the barn. Mr Owens hauled wood. Josie and I ironed some and got dinner. This evening I went to see Carrie a little while. Mollie and Kate Reynolds come there a while.

Tonight Ben and Josie and Henry and Edna has gone to Strait Stone to see a moving picture show.

Mrs Carr went with them and will go home I guess. I am uneasy a bout them a fraid the roads is so rough that they will get stalled. Franklin is sick to night. I certainly do hope that he may soon get well.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, August 27, 1918

Tuesday, August 27, 1918

A good day. Clouds a round this evening but no rain here to do any good. Ben fired tobacco. We all tied tobacco this morning a while. Lizzie Bennett helped us. Josie come home and got dinner. She had corn and irish potatoes and fried apples. We all enjoyed the dinner. Doris Brumfield and Christine Reynolds come here a while this evening. Heard to day that Kate Reynolds and Clack Hubbard was married yesterday.

Was not surprised much. I got a letter from John Brumfield to day. The first in a long time.

10 35 oclock

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Wednesday, August 13, 1919

Wednesday, August 13, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim suckered some tobacco. Ben went to Strait Stone and got some roofin. John & Edwin finished covering the barn and helpe work in the tobacco a while.

Ben carried Edwin & Christenia and Henry & Edna and I to White Falls. The river was two full & mudy. So we soon come home. I come by Johnsons. Mollie was makin grape jellie. Julia was washin some meal that she had bought. Kate Hubbard was taken sick today. I hope she will soon be well a gain. I come by Carries. She was pickin grapes.

10:10 oclock

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Thursday, November 20, 1919

Thursday, November 20, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day and until bed time tonight.

I got dinner then I went to Johnson Reynols. Clack and Kate Hubard was there. Today was the first time that I ever saw their baby. He is a fine baby.

Every body here has some cold. I feel bad to night. I have made Henry & Edna a ball out of old socks. Just finished them.

8:30 oclock

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