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Sunday, April  7, 1918

Sunday, April 7, 1918

A good day.

Ben and family staid at home to day. Mrs Carr is here with them. She had the head ache all day. I went with Posie and Nannie Kate to see Alice and Jim Thompson to day. I think they are so well fixed for new beginners. That has bin a grand old place and is good yet.

Hazel Smith is broke out with something the Dr says he thinks it is scarlet fever. Henry is not well to night. Hope they both will be well soon.

9 oclock

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Sunday, April 21, 1918

Sunday, April 21, 1918

A very rainy morning creeks all out of the banks. None of the children did not go to Sunday School. Irvin Harvey got Prince to take Miss Mayhan home.

Posie and Nannie Reynolds went to Mrs Yeatts to day. Clack Hubbard is here again to night.

10 oclock

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Saturday, April 27, 1918

Saturday, April 27, 1918

A good day most of the day.

Ben worked on his car some this morning. One of the cows was sick. Marvin and Posie and Lee Brumfield all helped him a bout her. Posie Reynolds eat dinner here for the first time in a long time.

This evening Rena and Audry and Fessy(?) Mayhew and Virginia Harvey and Delma Owen all come all for eggs to set.

I did not have but one setting. Virginia got them.

To night Ben and Marvin has gone to Strait Stone to the lodge.

8 oclock

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Thursday, June 27, 1918

Thursday, June 27, 1918

A good day. Ben went to Strait Stone and Cedar Forest hunting peas to sow. He got some from Lee B. Josie washed a big washing this morning. I got dinner. This evening I went to Posey Reynolds to see the new baby.

There was a house full of company there.

Did not see Mollie Reynolds she was gone to Jim Thompsons.

We bough war stamps from Irvin Lewis to day. Tom Starkey come by here on his car and brough me home from Johnson's barn.

Paul has gone to the school house a gain to night.

10 oclock

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Friday, July  5, 1918

Friday, July 5, 1918

A good day. Ben stacked his oats to day and finished plowing corn for him self and Owen. Plowed some in the garden. Josie ironed and got dinner most all of it. I got a new dress. Alma Bennett sent it this evening by mail.

I went to Carries a while and then to Posie Reynolds. I carried Mrs Rice a bonnett that Alma Bennett made the bonnett. Carrie Smith furnished the material and gave it to Mrs Rice. Posie and his mother was gone to Chatham.

I had a letter from Ola (Bennett) Jefferson .

We are having some rain to night and need it two.

11 oclock

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