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Thursday, January  3, 1918

Thursday, January 3, 1918

A clear colde day. Ben and Josie come home a while after 1 oclock this morning. They said that they had a fine time at Mr Edmons. Ben went to Renan and to see Charles this morning. Charles is feeling some better now. Hellen & Brumfield & Virginia Harvey come today. They are here now. I got breakfast and milked the cows. Josie got dinner. I sewed some made me three boddices. I have finished 8 little waists for Carries children. I worked the button holes and sewed on the buttons tonight.

9 30 oclock

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Friday, January  4, 1918

Friday, January 4, 1918

A clear colde day. Ben moved the stove from the barn to the cabbin in the woods and cut wood fixin for a dance. Josie baked some cakes. I killed and cooked two chickens. Josie made sand witches and carried up there. Hellen and Virginia has bin here all day. Elsie and Bulah come in here. Elsie gave me some candy and Bulah gave oranges. Virginia gave me a box of candy.

I hope they may enjoy the dance. I had rather they had not had it but nothing else would not do. I am a fraid that there is so many there that they cant have a good time. I am so sleepy that I hardly can write.

11 30 oclock

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Saturday, January  5, 1918

Saturday, January 5, 1918

A clear day and colde. Ben and Josie and Hellen and Virginia come to the house half past two oclock this morning. We have bin a drowsy crowd to day. Ben went to the mill this morning. This evening he moved the stove and all the things that they had at the cabbin back where they belong.

Josie got dinner. She baked a pudding that we all enjoyed. To night Ben and Hellen and Virginia has gone to Mr Mayhews to a party. Josie and the children are all a sleep.

9 oclock

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Thursday, March  7, 1918

Thursday, March 7, 1918

A good day. Ben and Tom and Chesley Edmons and Owen sawed barn logs.

I went to see Charles Brumfield. I eat dinner with Kate Harvey. Josie staid at home and fixed for company to night. Effie and Hellen Brumfield and Lillian Peak come here from school. Tom and Chesley Edmons come they are playing cards.

To night there is a light in the north. I wrote on the wrong page a few nights ago. Mrs Kellie was at Renan. She said that Otie Kellie was gone to get him a new car.

Henry and Edna is in the parlor to night.

9 o:clock

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Wednesday, March 26, 1919

Wednesday, March 26, 1919

A good day Ben & Jim grubed all day. Mr Owen plowed. Josie & I got dinner. Josie baked a cake and tea cakes. Marvin carried me to White Falls. Carrie and the children went as far as Kates. I am so glad to get to go. When I got home Nettie & Hellen & Virginia were here. I was glad that they came. I had a letter from Julia Furgerson this evening. I am always glad to hear from her.

9 o'clock

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