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Sunday, June 23, 1918

Sunday, June 23, 1918

A cool day for this time of the year. Ben and Josie and Paul Bennett went to Strait Stone to preaching.

Henry and I staid at home. Gladis and Hugh Brumfield come. Kate and Irvin Harvey come. They were here for dinner I was glad that Kate come. She had not bin here in a long time be fore.

I went to Willie Mayhews to an ice cream party. The cream was fine I did enjoy it so much. I come home on Mr Bob Starkeys car was glad of the ride. Heard that Nannie Reynolds has a girl born to day.

9 30 oclock

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Tuesday, July  2, 1918

Tuesday, July 2, 1918

A good bright day.

The men folks plowed in the corn. Marvin got up hay. Josie washed.

Mrs Owen and Mrs Winston and Hattie Gilbert all gave us a mess of snaps to day. We have got good neighbors.

This evening Henry and I walked to Mr Creasys fish pond. The water is so low that you cant fish in it to catch anything.

We come back by Kates. She was at home by her self. Virginia was at Reynolds's. 10 oclock

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Sunday, July 14, 1918

Sunday, July 14, 1918

A good Day. Ben and Josie carried Mrs Carr home this evening. Lizzie staid all day with us. Lizzie and I went to see Carrie a while this evening. Kate and Irvin Harvey were there and Ren Worsham and family was there. Josie and Ben come home early. Earl Bennett and his mother just now started home.

11 oclock

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Monday, July 15, 1918

Monday, July 15, 1918

A good day.

Ben and Owen went to the mill did not get any grinding. Ben helped Marvin fix his pump a gain to day. Helped Owen fix his stove pipe. Miss Willie Wooding come a while this evening.

Josie made her a dress this evening. To night Ben and Paul and the children went to Renan bought shells. Paul killed two rabbits. Kate sent the calf home this morning.

I went to see Bens and Pauls crops this evening. It looks good now. We need rain.

Josie has sick head ache. I hope she will soon be well.

10 oclock

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Friday, July 19, 1918

Friday, July 19, 1918

Rain today. Ben commenced topping tobacco. Paul come home this morning.

Josie ironed. I got dinner. This evening I went to Marvins. Several of Carries children are complaining. I certainly do hope that they may get well soon.

Kate Harvey was there. Heard today that Gordon Bennett was married Tuesday.

8 oclock

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