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Tuesday June 21, 1921

Tuesday June 21, 1921

A good day. We need rain bad. Ben finished cutting Kate Harveys wheat. He got done by twelve oclock. He come home for dinner. Jim plowed some to day.

Ben shelled two bushels of corn and went to the mill at Cedar Forest. Henry and Franklin and I went with him. Josie washed a big washing. She washed this evening.

Marvin and Carrie and Reese went to Altavista and went over to Bedford to visit the Reese homested.

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Saturday July 16, 1921

Saturday July 16, 1921

A good day. Ben & Josie worked on the cook room walls all the evening.

Josie and Fannie Power ironed all the morning. This evening Marvin let Reese take Henry & Hugh Brumfield and I to Cedar Forest. We fished. Did not catch anything much. We had some trouble when we got to Strait Stone. We found that we had left Hughs shoes so we went back and got them. I was glad to get them. Mr Charles Anderson helped Reese with the car. I did thank him so much. John B is here tonight. I am always glad for him to come. Fannie P and George Blair went to Gretna this evening to see a ball game. I have finished the quilt that I peiced for Alma Bennett.

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Thursday, June 15, 1922

Thursday, June 15, 1922

A good day. Jim + Ben finished scraping out their tobacco. This evening Ben carried Fletcher Car to Long Island. This evening I went and three of the children. I fished a little while. I stopped at Cedar Forest Creek. Caught two fish. Mrs Peak + Mrs Trent come with Ben up to Strait Stone.

Miss Willie Wooding come to see Josie this evening. Kate Harvey come to pick berries. She got some.

Henrys nose has bin bleeding to night. I hope it may quit soon.

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