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Tuesday, January 29, 1918

Tuesday, January 29, 1918

A bad day. Snow melting walkin very bad.

Ben went to see Dr Owen this morning. Got medicine for Henry he is mighty sick yet.

I got dinner to day. I finished a helmet for Bruce Reynolds to day.

I got two letters to day one from Julia Fergerson and one from Lottie Craddock.

Ben went this evening to Ren Worshams and paid for the guano to use this year. Ben is sleeping in my room to night. Edna is with him. Henry is with his mother.

8 30 oclock

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Friday, May 17, 1918

Friday, May 17, 1918

A cloudy day. Come off boat this morning. Willie left us at landing. Henry Brumfield met us and went with us to Howard Fergersons.

We eat breakfast and dinner at Fergersons then went to Va Beach and Cape Henry. Saw lots of things new to us. Fergersons went with us to night. Three ladies Julias friends come also Henry Brumfield.

We had a pleasant time.

This is wrote Sat morning.

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Sunday, May 19, 1918

Sunday, May 19, 1918

A good day. Mollie and I come home to day.

Johnson and Robert and Christenia met Mollie.

Ben and Edna met me. We made the trip from Portsmouth home all right. Howard Ferguson come with us to the depot. Julia and Howard was just as nice to us as they could be.

I found them all as well as usual. Had two cows to come fresh while I was gone. I have bin well while I was gone. To night my tooth hurts me.

10 30 oclock

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Monday, June 10, 1918

Monday, June 10, 1918

A good day.

Ben plowed the garden and potatoes this morning.

He cut his rye today.

Paul Bennett come home at twelve oclock.

Paul carried Josie and the children and I up to Renan. We went to see Kate Harvey and Mag Brumfield this evening. Johnson and Mollie Reynolds went to Charlottesville to day to see Clifton married. Julia and Howard Fergerson come to Reynolds yesterday.

10 oclock

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Monday, August  5, 1918

Monday, August 5, 1918

A good day and very warm. Ben and Paul suckered tobacco. Josie got dinner. I do[d]ged a round as usual.

This evening we went to Marvins. Kate Harvey come here and then to Marvins.

Marvin had water mellons the first I have seen this year. Josie come by the corn field and got snaps. I got a basket of tomatoes.

Heard this morning that Julia Fergerson has a daughter born the 4th.

Josie and I wrote to Thelma and Mary.

9 30 oclock

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