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Tuesday, April 29, 1919

Tuesday, April 29, 1919

A good day. I was at home this morning. Mollie & Mrs Farmer and went to Portsmoth. Had a good trip. Julia Fergerson met us at the station. Howard met us at the boat.

John & Henry Brumfield met us at Howards. I was glad to see them.

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Wednesday, April 30, 1919

Wednesday, April 30, 1919

A cloudy day and some rain. Julia and the baby. Mrs Farmer and Mollie and I went to the citty park. It rained so that Julia & the baby staid under a shelter. The rest of us looked a round. There was a lot to look at. Fowls & flowers & animals. We got back to Howards and eat supper. John & Henry Brumfield come. Then we went to a picture show. While we were waiting for a car the fire bell rang. We went to see them throw water with their pump It is all a show for them that dont live in town. I certainly do wish that Ben & Josie & Carrie could be there and hear & see for a while. Julias baby cried a heap. I am a fraid it is not well.

This is wrote Thursday evening. I for got to write last night. Having such a big time.

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Friday, May  2, 1919

Friday, May 2, 1919

A good day. We are at Julias to night.

We have bin to Norfolk to see a show. We have bin to Virginia Beach to day. Julia went with us. We had a nice time. John treated us to ice cream. Henry did not come to night.

I don't know what time it is.

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Sunday, May  4, 1919

Sunday, May 4, 1919

A good day. Mrs Farmer and Mollie & Julia & I and John & Henry all went to Williams Burg. We saw lots of things that was curiosities to us. It was a tiresome trip but we enjoyed it so much. I hope that we may get home all right.

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Monday, May  5, 1919

Monday, May 5, 1919

A good day. Mrs Farme & Mollie Reynolds and come from Howard Fergersons at Portsmoth this morning.

Julia Fergerson went with us to the depot. Our fare a peice was $5 84 cts. We had a good trip up to Long Island. Julia gave us a nice lunch to take with us and Mr Farmer bough some fruit so we had plenty to eat and that was good. Bruce Reynolds met us at the depot and brought us home. I do thank them for carrieing and bringin me home. I found them all well.

Carrie and her little ones was here. I was glad to see them all. I have felt troubled ever since I got home a bout Mrs Johnson and Mrs Hutcherson being so sick. I want to go and see Mrs Hutcherson soon.

I am so glad I am at home a gain.

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