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Tuesday, March  5, 1918

Tuesday, March 5, 1918

A beautiful day.

Ben and Marvin finished shuckin and cribbing corn this evenin. Ben went to Jim Powers to try to sell Frank Mays horse. Mays shucked corn in his place. Ben brough Josie and the baby home from Mrs Carrs. I heard that Ethel Worsham has a girl born this morning.

To night Frank and George Blair and Irvin Craddock and Jim Craddock come here and staid until bed time. Irvin staid all night.

I went to Carries a while this evenin.

Henry went to school.

Edna went to Carries.

10:40 oclock

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Tuesday, May 28, 1918

Tuesday, May 28, 1918

A good day. We want rain badly.

Ben went to Chatham.

Kate and Virginia and Hazel and Marvin all went to Chatham. Henry and I finished planting potatoe slips this morning.

Lizzie and Gordon Bennett come this evening. We all went up to see Carrie a while. Mr and Mrs Padget and Ethel Worsham and Isla Blair was at Carries. Ben went to Odie Kellies after the tobacco planter. He carried all the children with him.

8 oclock

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Sunday, June  9, 1918

Sunday, June 9, 1918

A good day.

Mr Turner staid here last night. I like what I know of him fine. Paul Bennett went to Whittles today. Henry Blair carried Mr Turner to Long Island this morning. Ben and family and I went to George Blairs this evening. They had a lot of company. Earnest and Lottie was there. Lizzie and Earl and Lonnie Bennett come while I was there. Denia was sick. Ethel and Wren and family was there. To night Ben has a head ache. Hope he will be better by morning.

9 oclock

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Thursday, July 25, 1918

Thursday, July 25, 1918

A good day. Ben and Paul and Owen finished dobbing the barns. The Hutchersons finished thrashing wheat.

Josie got dinner and churned and milked night and morning.

I went with George and Denia and Ethel and Henry to Mr John Reynolds to see olde Mrs Blair. Shes very feeble. Isla come with us home. We had a good trip nothing happened to the car.

Henry brought me home. I hope I am thankful for all the kindness that is shown me.

9 30 oclock

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Monday, December 30, 1918

Monday, December 30, 1918

A good day Ben & Owen hauled some stalks for the cows. Josie staid at home all day. I went with Marvin & Carie to Ren Worshams We had a very pleasant day Ethel had a good dinner and I certainly did enjoy it I am glad that Ren has a nice good house.

Ben & Josie has gone to Mr Mayhews to a party Virginia & Reubin Reynolds came by on their way to Mayhews. Hugh Brumfield is here to nigh it seems that they can't go to sleep.

I got a letter from Lottie Craddock I am always glad to hear from them

10 o'clock

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