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Monday, June  3, 1918

Monday, June 3, 1918

Some rain this morning it was badly needed.

Ben and Paul replanted tobacco. Mr Owen was at his brothers near Altavista. He brought a calf home this evening. Josie made Edna a dress to day.

Mrs Bailiss come and got some butter. I worked in the garden a while this evening. Eula Mayhew come and got a few tomato plants and Josies cards to make bats for a quilt.

9 oclock

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Friday, January  9, 1920

Friday, January 9, 1920

A cloudy day no rain. To night the wind is blowin. The men cut wood in the woods. Josie got dinner this evening. Bob Starkey got his car stuck in the mud at the mail box. Mrs Starkey come in a few minutes.

I went to Carries a little while to night. Louise Hutcherson is here. They are playing cards. We heard today that Mr Allen is very bad off. To night Ben spoke in a way that hurt me. I give them nearly all of my time & strength and they don't respect me.

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Thursday, December 27, 1923

Thursday, December 27, 1923

A rainy day. Jim went from here this morning. He was going to see his people at Lynchburg. I have felt all day like something serious was the matter. I can't tell why. Jim went with the Edmons boys to Gretna. Ben's car is so out of fix that it won't go like he would like. Floid Reynols was here a few minute to day. He said that Julia Fergeson's baby was very sick. Reubin and his mother was going to Danville this evening to see the baby. I hope it is better by now. I got a nice box of candy from Clifton and Jane today. I have got more nice presents and cards this Xmas than I ever did be fore at Xmas. Ben is at work on a picture frame to night.

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