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Saturday, June  8, 1918

Saturday, June 8, 1918

A good day. Cool for the time of year.

Ben and Paul worked until dinner then went to Strait Stone. The Odd fellows had a lecture this evening and the ladies solde ice cream. There was a big crowd there.

Josie staid at home with Franklin.

Marvin brough cream home. Josie went up there and got some. She did not want to go.

Ben went back to Strait Stone tonight. We expect Mr Turner to come with him home. Josie is upstairs preparing a room for him.

10 oclock

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Sunday, June  9, 1918

Sunday, June 9, 1918

A good day.

Mr Turner staid here last night. I like what I know of him fine. Paul Bennett went to Whittles today. Henry Blair carried Mr Turner to Long Island this morning. Ben and family and I went to George Blairs this evening. They had a lot of company. Earnest and Lottie was there. Lizzie and Earl and Lonnie Bennett come while I was there. Denia was sick. Ethel and Wren and family was there. To night Ben has a head ache. Hope he will be better by morning.

9 oclock

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