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Saturday, June 15, 1918

Saturday, June 15, 1918

A good day. Ben cut wheat at Jim Powers to day. Mr Power brought to[sic] reaper home to night.

Paul Bennett worked on the barn til noon. Then he went to Mr Mayhews after ice. The ladies of Renan neighborhood sold cream at the school house to night. Miss Fannie Power come with Ben. They are all gone to the school house now.

Josie worked hard all day fixin her cream and cakes. I do hope they may have luck and sell their cream.

Mr Bailiss come here this evening. His horse got cut in the wire.

10 oclock

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Tuesday, June 13, 1922

Tuesday, June 13, 1922

A good day. Ben went to Gretna this morning for repairs for the reaper to go to cutting wheat. They cut all evening. Got in walk. Irvin helped to shock. Mrs. [Freid] picked some berries. This morning Edna helped her. [Mrs. Freid] caned nine quarts. Hattie's children picked three gallons.

This evening I intend to make jellie of them. Mrs Wooding sent Josie some light bread today. Mabel is sick today. Josie is suffering bad tonight. I am so sleepy that I can't stay awake. Mrs. Booker gave us a mess of [books] today. They willed the [easel lastnig]

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