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Sunday, June 16, 1918

Sunday, June 16, 1918

A good day. Miss Fannie Power staid here last night. Ben went to Mr Bailiss's this morning and sewed up a cut on his horse.

Ben and family went to Robert Hubbards to day. Fannie went home.

I staid home by my self to day.

All at home and a bed now. I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. They were not at home.

10 oclock

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Sunday, September 15, 1918

Sunday, September 15, 1918

A good day. Ben and family went to Rob Hubbards. Paul went with Marvin to Sunday School. He eat dinner at Marvins. Paul and Frank Blair went some where on Georges car. George and Denia was at Marvins this evening. Ren Worsham and family was at Marvins. Nat Wooding and family and Miss Alice Wooding was there two.

I staid at home til three oclock then I went to Marvins. I had bakers bread and cheese for dinner. Carrie sent them to me.

9:10 oclock

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Saturday, September 28, 1918

Saturday, September 28, 1918

A good day. We Denia and I was at Letcher Craddocks. Ella and I went fishing.

Otho Blair and Sallie and Cordie come for us. We come by Gretna. Otho brought me home. Lizzie Bennett is here tonight.

Rob and Ella Hubbard and all the children come to night. Mr Sam Hubbard brough them. They had bin to supper.

9 12 oclock

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Sunday, September 29, 1918

Sunday, September 29, 1918

A good day. Rob Hubbard and family spent the day here. Ben carried them home. Josie went with them. This evening George and Denia and Otho and Sallie Blair come here. Lizzie Bennett went with them home.

The children and I eat our supper and the children have all gone to bed.

Ben and Josie have not come home yet.

8 o clock

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Sunday, February 2, 1919

Sunday, February 2, 1919

A good day. Jim & Ben went to Lee Brumfields this evening & Henry.

Josie went to Rob Hubbards this morning. Edna & Franklin and I staid home all day.

Paul Bennett come a while this evening. I am all ways glad to see Paul.

Lucius Gravely passed here to day. He said he would take the school at Renan for a while so I guess the children will start to school in the morning.

9 oclock

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