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Monday, July 15, 1918

Monday, July 15, 1918

A good day.

Ben and Owen went to the mill did not get any grinding. Ben helped Marvin fix his pump a gain to day. Helped Owen fix his stove pipe. Miss Willie Wooding come a while this evening.

Josie made her a dress this evening. To night Ben and Paul and the children went to Renan bought shells. Paul killed two rabbits. Kate sent the calf home this morning.

I went to see Bens and Pauls crops this evening. It looks good now. We need rain.

Josie has sick head ache. I hope she will soon be well.

10 oclock

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Friday, October 25, 1918

Friday, October 25, 1918

A cloudy day and a little rain. Ben worked on his waggon this morning. This evening he went to Level Run for a load of lumber. Paul Bennett plowed and fixed rows for straw berries. Josie planted the vines.

Mr Owen and his crowd stripped tobacco. I helped a little before dinner.

Josie got dinner. She had to cut her wood to cook with. This evening Josie and I both helped on the tobacco.

We are out of flour. Ben has gone to Thompsons to night to get some. We have wheat at the mill but the miller is not well enough to grind it.

Henry has caught two rabbits in his traps. He is very proud of that.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, December 25, 1918

Wednesday, December 25, 1918

A good day. The roads is very muddy. Ben hunted some today. He killed four rabbits gave two of them to William Gilbert.

Josie and I staid at home.

Kate and Irvin Harvey come and eat dinner with us. They drove Prince home and Irvin brought him home. I had a letter from John and Effie Brumfield.

Mary Brumfield sent me a book to write in the coming year. Hope I may be able to write in it. Dick Woodings folks gave a party to night.

The children had a good time to day playing with the things they got this morning.

I got several presents was glad of them.

8 oclock

Josie gathered a bunch of violets in the garden to day

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Sunday, October 12, 1919

Sunday, October 12, 1919

A cloudy day and rain tonight. It is badly needed.

We all staid at home all day. Lee & Grace Brumfield come and spent the day with us. I was glad to have them.

Henry caught a rabbit in his trap this morning and the dogs caught one this evening.

I have not seen any of Marvins people today.

Jim is going to write to John tonight.

8:25 oclock

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Tuesday, December  9, 1919

Tuesday, December 9, 1919

A rainy bad day. Jim & Ben could not do anything much.

Josie got dinner. Bessie (col) washed some. This evening Bessie went a way from here.

I cooked the chidlins at the wash house. I cleaned up the cabbin this morning.

I went to William Gilberts (col) a few minutes & come by Marvins. Carrie was sewing on her a dress.

Jim & Ben caught a rabbit just at night. Josie dressed it.

Henry & Edna got in the wood to night. Guess they will have that to do now Bess is gone.

I boiled the first of our offal to day.

8 oclock

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