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Friday, July 26, 1918

Friday, July 26, 1918

A good day. The men folks topped tobacco. Josie ironed most of the day.

This evening Paul carried Henry and Edna and Reese and I to White Falls to fish. We did not catch many fish. We walked up by Mr Johnsons house. Mrs Johnson was very nice to us. Marvin come after us. Carrie and all the children come with him. We had a pleasant evening.

We got home in good time to milk and feed the hogs. Josie had corn batter bread for supper and we did enjoy it.

9 oclock

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Monday, October  7, 1918

Monday, October 7, 1918

A good day. The men folks cut corn this morning. Ben mowed peas this evening. The rest of them cut corn all day. Little Henry and the Owen boys worked at it all day. Josie sewed some this morning. This evening we picked peas. Mrs Owen and Beatrice picked all the evening. Mrs Dawson come after some apples and got them.

Carrie cooked the first meal on her new range this morning. Tobacco was so dry that we could not strip this morning. We had turnip salit for dinner and cornbread.

10 oclock

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