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Saturday, August  3, 1918

Saturday, August 3, 1918

A good day. The men folks filled a house with primings. Josie handed leaves nearly all day. I went this evening. Fanny helped this evening. Fanny went to Mr George Emersons this evening. Paul carried her on the buggy. Jim and Nellie and Evelyn come today. I am glad that they come.

I had a letter from Thelma to day saying that she will come to see us soon.

11 oclock

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Tuesday, August  6, 1918

Tuesday, August 6, 1918

A clear day and very warm. Ben finished curing his primings to night.

Paul suckered tobacco. Mr Owen went to the mill did not get his grinding. Josie washed the breakfast dishes and ironed and got dinner and washed the dinner dishes and ironed most of the evening. I got breakfast and called them to eat then I milked three cows and watered hogs at three different places then I gathered some butter beans and helped to shell them. Then fixed the milk ready to churn then cut a bucket of cucumbers then churned fixed to wash some.

After dinner I washed a bout 40 garments then put the cucumbers in brine and salted the butter and fixed it ready for use. Then rested a while then milked eat supper and helped wash dishes and ready to go to bed.

10 oclock

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Thursday, August  8, 1918

Thursday, August 8, 1918

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Friday, August  9, 1918

Friday, August 9, 1918

A good day.

We are having some rain to night and thunder. I do hope that we wont have a storm. I know that God is able to cause it not to be so bad. The men helped Marvin with his primings all day and Josie and I helped this evening. Edna and Franklin staid at Carries all the evening.

Henry and Cordie Blair started to Richmond this morning. I do hope that they had a good trip. Josie got a letter from Mary Brumfield saying that she would not come here until September. We look for Thelma and Julia tomorrow hope that they may come.

Josie and I ironed this morning.

9 30 oclock

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Saturday, August 17, 1918

Saturday, August 17, 1918

A good day. Ben plowed up the potatoes and Josie picked them up. Ben sowed turnip seed to day. Paul tied some primings. Josie got most of the dinner. I churned went after some tomatoes. After dinner I put up three cans and killed two chickens and cut the cucumbers and put them in brine.

Paul and Thelma went to Dick Woodings to a stew to night. I hope they may have a nice time.

Julia and Henry and Edna are in my room and talk so much that I am in the hall writing.

Chesley Edmons cut a house of tobacco today.

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