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Tuesday, August  6, 1918

Tuesday, August 6, 1918

A clear day and very warm. Ben finished curing his primings to night.

Paul suckered tobacco. Mr Owen went to the mill did not get his grinding. Josie washed the breakfast dishes and ironed and got dinner and washed the dinner dishes and ironed most of the evening. I got breakfast and called them to eat then I milked three cows and watered hogs at three different places then I gathered some butter beans and helped to shell them. Then fixed the milk ready to churn then cut a bucket of cucumbers then churned fixed to wash some.

After dinner I washed a bout 40 garments then put the cucumbers in brine and salted the butter and fixed it ready for use. Then rested a while then milked eat supper and helped wash dishes and ready to go to bed.

10 oclock

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Monday, November  4, 1918

Monday, November 4, 1918

A good day.

We got up this morning at two oclock. The men folks fed. Josie and I got breakfast and they eat and got off to Gretna with two loads of tobacco. There was so much tobacco at Gretna they could not sell.

They got home nine oclock at night. Josie got dinner then went to Marvins and stayed with Carries children while Marvin and Carrie went to Altavista. Carrie had some work done on her teeth.

I picked some dried beans. To night Josie and I shelled two buckets full. Before they were shelled Kate Harvey come a few minutes. She wanted to see Ben.

9 30 oclock

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Tuesday, November  5, 1918

Tuesday, November 5, 1918

A good day. Ben is one of the Judges at Elections. He was at Renan all day. Mr Owen hauled some wood. We needed it mighty bad.

Josie and I and Reese put some tobacco in the pit. Josie staid at home and got dinner for her self and Edna and Franklin. Marvin carried Reese and Henry and I to Banister River to fish. We caught twenty one fish.

Carrie gave us a nice mess of steak we had it for supper.

Heard today that Max Creasy died this morning. I am sorry for the family.

I have shelled a few beans to night. Am most a sleep now. Heard today that Jessie Hutcherson is at home on furlow for 48 hours.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, October  8, 1919

Wednesday, October 8, 1919

Cloudy most of the day but no rain yet. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day. Ben went to the store just at night. Charles Harvey come and staid a while. Marvin solde his car this morning.

Kate come this evening a few minutes. Carrie come and brought me some peas. I shelled them tonight. Mr. Owen did not come home from Boston to day.

Lee Brumfield went to Danville to day. Effie & Beaulah commenced teaching school to day.

9: oclock

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Thursday, October 23, 1919

Thursday, October 23, 1919

A cloudy all day. We have had a good rain last night and to day.

The men folks stripped tobacco all day. Ben carried the children to the school house this morning.

I cooked most of the dinner. Nellie brought the water. Josie & Nellie washed the dishes at dinner.

Josie got supper.

We shelled some beans tonight.

Ben has gone to Renan to some sort of public speakin. All of the ballance of the folks has gone to bed.

9 oclock

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