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Thursday, August  8, 1918

Thursday, August 8, 1918

A clear hot day. The men folks helped Marvin save primings this evening. Josie and I handed leaves and Josie tied some.

Josie got dinner. We pealed the peaches that Mollie give us. Had peaches and cream for dinner and snaps and corn all cooked good and I did enjoy my dinner.

Talked with Denia Blair to night over the phone. She said that Cordie was going to Richmond tomorrow. I certainly do hope she may have a good time and [be] benifited by going.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, August 14, 1918

Wednesday, August 14, 1918

A good day and very hot. The men folks pulled leaves and tied them. This evening Josie and I helped. Thelma helped some two. Thelma went to George Blairs this evening. Julia is here. Carrie come to the barn with the babies. I made some jellie this morning. Josie canned some grape juice this morning. Julia and Edna is on a pallet in my room.

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Thursday, August 15, 1918

Thursday, August 15, 1918

A good day had a little rain this evening. Ben and Paul helped Dews tie leaves this evening. Josie got dinner.

This evening Ben carried us to Marvins. We helped Carrie can grape juice and tomatoes. Mrs Wooding and Virginia Smith and Virginia Wooding come to Carries a few minutes this evening.

Paul Bennett has gone to Jim Reynolds to a party to night. Ben lone him his car. I hope that nothing wont happen to it.

Marvin brought us home this evening.

9 oclock

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Saturday, August 17, 1918

Saturday, August 17, 1918

A good day. Ben plowed up the potatoes and Josie picked them up. Ben sowed turnip seed to day. Paul tied some primings. Josie got most of the dinner. I churned went after some tomatoes. After dinner I put up three cans and killed two chickens and cut the cucumbers and put them in brine.

Paul and Thelma went to Dick Woodings to a stew to night. I hope they may have a nice time.

Julia and Henry and Edna are in my room and talk so much that I am in the hall writing.

Chesley Edmons cut a house of tobacco today.

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Monday, August 19, 1918

Monday, August 19, 1918

Rain this morning. Clear tonight. Ben Paul and Henry and I tied primings this morning and Josie helped this evening as long as we could tie. They dried out. Josie got dinner.

Ben and Paul went to Lee Brumfields this evening. The buggy wheel broke as they come home.

I went to see Pauls tobacco this evening for the first time. It looks good to me. I am glad of the good crop that is on the place hope it can be taken care of and may do all a lot of good.

11 oclock

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