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Wednesday, August 28, 1918

Wednesday, August 28, 1918

A day that the men folks could work most of the time. They moved tobacco and scattered sticks ready for cutting. We all tied primings and finished. Josie got dinner.

I went to the tomato patch this evening. Could not get many tomatoes. Brought a water mellon home. We cut it. It was fine.

It is raining now hope it may stop soon. Ben went to Ren Worshams this evening and to Strait Stone this morning. Paul carried his mother to Lee Brumfields this morning. Guess she is at Kate Harveys to night.

9 30 oclock

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Saturday July 23, 1921

Saturday July 23, 1921

A good day. No rain yet. We need it so bad. Ben has bin a bout the home most of the day. Ben & Josie went to the tomato patch. They got a few tomatoes. Julia come from Reynols this morning. Doris Brumfield & Christenia Reynols come with her. They spent most of the day here. Marvin sent us a peice of ice this morning. Josie made some cream. It was fine. Henry has gone to Lee Brumfields tonight. Ben has gone to Strait Stone to night to a meeting of the lodge. The first time in a long time.

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