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Monday, April 22, 1918

Monday, April 22, 1918

A good day. Johnson and Mollie got home to day.

Will Brumfield come with them. I come home. Robbert brough me home. Will and Mollie and Reubin come with me. Found them all a bout at home.

12 o clock

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Saturday, September  7, 1918

Saturday, September 7, 1918

Cloudy all day rain this evening. Ben and Paul and Owen cut tobacco. They filled four houses.

Mr Dews and the boys helped them.

Josie helped to unload every time in the morning. She baked three chocolate pies for Sundays dinner. We are looking for Mary and Bill Brumfield to morrow. Hope it will not rain so they wont come.

9 15 oclock

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Sunday, September  8, 1918

Sunday, September 8, 1918

A cloudy day and some rain. Ben and Paul made fires under the tobacco this morning. Josie and [I] got dinner.

Josie went to Mr Powers this evening. Henry Blair brought Mary and Bill from Long Island to Mrs Hendricks and Josie brought them here. Miss Alice Wooding and Mrs Winston come this evening. Carrie and the children come a few minutes.

Dews and Mayhew and George Hutcherson come and played croquet.

9 oclock

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Thursday, September 12, 1918 (revised)

Thursday, September 12, 1918 (revised)

A good day. Ben carried Mary and William Brumfield to Long Island to day on their way home. I do hope they are at Richmond to night. Mr Will Motley was buried this evening. He was an odd Fellow.

Marvin carried Carrie and I to Altavista to a show. Josie and Kate Harvey kept the children.

Tonight Ben and Josie and Paul have gone to see the show. I am here with the children. Hope they will be pleased with it.

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Tuesday, November  4, 1919

Tuesday, November 4, 1919

A good day. Did not see Alma today. Effie had company to day, a Mrs Lavender. She had a nice dinner. Served it in three courses. William had a head ache last night and was sick this morning. Could not go to school. He was better this evening. William, Cordie, and I went to Windensburg [?] Pond. We saw the prettiest flowers over there. Great beds of cannas in bloom. We walked over there and come back on the street car.

Will & Jack Harvey are talking a bout their dr books. It is dry stuff to me.

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