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Tuesday, November  5, 1918

Tuesday, November 5, 1918

A good day. Ben is one of the Judges at Elections. He was at Renan all day. Mr Owen hauled some wood. We needed it mighty bad.

Josie and I and Reese put some tobacco in the pit. Josie staid at home and got dinner for her self and Edna and Franklin. Marvin carried Reese and Henry and I to Banister River to fish. We caught twenty one fish.

Carrie gave us a nice mess of steak we had it for supper.

Heard today that Max Creasy died this morning. I am sorry for the family.

I have shelled a few beans to night. Am most a sleep now. Heard today that Jessie Hutcherson is at home on furlow for 48 hours.

9 oclock

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